It's time to dust off your running/walking shoes for this year’s City2Surf

Register now and join our team “ADHD HEROES”.

Get involved! Gather your friends, family or colleagues. A very special organisation, The ADHD Centre needs help! For over 22 years the centre (an initiative of ADDults with ADHD), has delivered vital support services to adults and families enduring the regular challenges of ADHD.

Stand up and run/walk for people with ADHD!  


From humble start to the worlds largest fun run, City2Surf is Sydney at its best. It's part carnival, part personal challenge, part charity fund-raiser and part community love fest!

Participants start in Sydney’s bustling city centre. We wind our way east towards the ocean, through suburbs and streets lined with well-wishers, free water/food stands, live bands and thousands of party goers. The course ends with spectacular ocean views before the finish line on beautiful Bondi Beach.

It's fun to walk or run!



The ADHD Centre needs help to meet the increasing demand for  it's services. Our goal is to raise $10,000.  Donations go to funding vital, life-changing support services for adults, children and families dealing with the difficult daily challenges of life with their Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. 


It's a fantastic cause. 

Every single donation counts. Every single person who raises funds is vital. All funds raised go to the ADHD Centre a not for profit, volunteer run charity. 

We need funds to continue delivering vital support services to Australians living with the damaging, life affecting challenges arising from their ADHD.

Action creates change.

City2Surf is filled with individuals, families and friends coming together to do their part to help support people living with ADHD. Team ADHD Heroes is a great opportunity to get your family and friends involved. Or get your workplace together, form a team, have fun and socialise with your colleagues whilst supporting a great cause.



A project of ADDults with ADHD

for the ADHD Centre™